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ArchMedia, Inc. is committed to creating quality and innovative software tools.  We perform extensive beta-testing and QA before we release a product, However, we understand that our customers may need support for answers to questions and assistance with problems.  Please take a look at our FAQ page for a list of “Frequently Asked Question’s”.  If answers to your question cannot be found there, please e-mail our TechSupport department for a prompt resolution to your issue.


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Q: When installing the program, I get a can’t find “INSTMSIW.EXE” error.

A: You will need to download and install Microsofts Installer files at the following link: this will allow our installation programs to run properly.

Q: I get a runtime error (error number) when running some programs.

A: Runtime errors are usually caused by a corrupted .INI or temporary file and in some cases, an incorrectly registered .DLL file.  Try cleaning out your temp folder.  If it is an unregistered .DLL. Run from the command prompt “Regsvr32 scrrun.dll”  If your problem is still not fixed by these methods. Please e-mail with the runtime error number, and steps to reproduce the problem.  Also see the AutoLib FAQ for Runtime error 438.

Q: When installing ArchMedia software, I get a permission error.

A: Most programs require administrator privileges to modify the registry when installing software,  please login as an administrator or have your network administrator install the software for you.

Q: Are ArchMedia Products for AutoCAD compatible with AutoCAD version 14 or lower, AutoCAD LT ?

A: No.  ArchMedia products are designed to take advantage of the advanced features of AutoCAD 2000 and higher, although all our AutoCAD products can read and use AutoCAD R14 format drawings. AutoLib uses DWGPROPS for keyword search, AutoLayer can use lineweight for layer definitions.  These are all features only available in AutoCAD 2000 or higher.  AutoLayer and AutoLib can NOT be run on AutoCAD LT since LT does not have a SDK.  AutoErase can erase any file type or format, therefore it is not AutoCAD dependent. AutoLaunch is can also be used for any version of AutoCAD and other prorams that require management of a start-in directory.


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